I cannot find instructions on how to change the orientation of pages of a spreadsheet to go into a "half-page" size booklet of portrait-oriented pages.

I have 12 pages of spreadsheets that need to be added to a much larger booklet of portrait - oriented pages. I have tried to follow the instructions on pgs. 131-135 of the Libre Office Writer Manual 7.0 but the dialog boxes I get are not the same as the ones shown in the examples. I’ve tried to muddle through but the one time I was successful, the spreadsheet did not resize sufficiently to fit on one page. I found no information in the Calc manual on this subject either. Can someone direct me where to look for more information (preferably with pictures as samples)?
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Do you want those spreadsheet sections turned sideways, so each output section is on a single page and you have to turn the booklet to read it properly, or do you want them to appear upright across a two-page spread?

Mixing page orientations in a document is fairly easy. If you need mixed orientations within a single page, it gets tricky, and also if you want objects to extend across page boundary. For that you may need the DTP functionality that @WhiteKnight mentions in his answer. For simple cases, a few cheats are still available…

Manipulating the orientation of LOCalc is not particularly sophisticated if you are hoping to emulate a desktop publishing environment. I’m assuming you’re planning to use one of the regular printer driver functions permitting the production of A5 booklets printed in the correct orientation on A4 paper which you then just collate and fold.
It would break the rules if I recommend a non-LO solution on this forum but feel free to message me directly and I can provide you with the name of a more sophisticated .pdf printer driver which permits the combination of multiple ,pdf files with infinite re-ordering and re-orientation of pages. It’s as free as LO for private use.
You are able to use LO to print the first pass of both Writer and Calc documents to .pdf, then just reassemble the LO output using a real .pdf printer driver.
It would be nice if LO could do it all but like any other program, it has strengths and weaknesses.
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It would break the rules if I recommend a non-LO solution on this forum …

That it news to me. Where did you find that rule?

I believe you are mistaken. It would also be a silly rule. A good advisory needs the ability to inform the user of when not to use this toolset. If we know of a different tool more suitable for the job, why not suggest it? I did it multiple times, and survived.

… feel free to message me directly …

That, on the other hand is against, perhaps not any stated “rule” (not many of those around here) but at least the functionality and the idea behind this place.

  • There is not any PM facility provided that I have found.
  • Reverting to private communication has been discouraged, because it detracts from the value of the service (does not forward the knowledge to the next visitor needing the same info)

    Although for some situations where confidential info will be at risk (missing the ability to mangle/remove said info), it may make sense.

External File links to useful APIs [closed]

I will accept your apology

External File links to useful APIs

So do you think that your posting was closed for suggesting alternate tools (Microsoft/Google applications)? You are wrong. Read again!

Unsolicited links to other site with financial services (somewhat dubious IIRC), with no request to “help me make it work” or something along those lines, was suspected of covert advertising cloaked as “Office software advice”, and hence handled as spam. That may have been a hurried conclusion, seeing your disclaimer statement in the last paragraph, but I never saw you contesting that decision.

As a suggestion to build an API/interface addon it is also off topic to this service, and would be closed for that reason.

Advising askers to use the functioning tools (Google Sheets/Excel) would be pertinent, were that posting of yours posed as a question.

> I will accept your apology

Don’t hold your breath in anticipation!

@WhiteKnight: My previous comments were not intended as derogatory, only to point out what I see as errors/misconceptions.

LibreOffice does not exist in a vacuum, but in constant interaction with people, computers and other software/data. Just go ahead and post an answer if you think you can help the OP solve his issue. It may be seen as “off topic” if your solution (or the main part of it) does not involve LibreOffice. I would contest a decision to close the topic on such grounds, if it is relevant to the interaction as mentioned above.

LibreOffice apps can also export PDF directly. Sometimes that works best, and sometimes work with print-to-pdf is easier.

If you have a workable solution to stitch multiple PDF outputs together, I am also interested in that. We have different areas of knowledge, and I am eager to learn. The workflows I have been through for PDF stitching are rather cumbersome and require some knowledge of content types and standards for good results. Teach us!