I can't get my spell check to work.

I just installed Garuda Linux and LibreOffice in it. I am unable to get the spellcheck to work. I am not sure of the version of LibreOffice. I searched online and found that downloading a dictionary should solve the problem, but I am unsure how to do that. I appreciate any help you might offer.

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Loading a dictionary is not enough. Spellcheck requires also an engine to run.

You didn’t tell how you installed LO. The most difficult way is to do it through the LO download site because what you find there is not optimised for the thousands of Linux distributions which exist in the world.

You should use the package manager which comes with Garuda and install the required packages for the target language. The common spell-checker engine is hunspell. It should be automatically installed if the dependencies are correctly set in the target language pack.

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install the required packages for the target language

No need when you want to have spellcheck only. It is enough to install relevant extensions. Besides, not all language packs contain spellcheck dictionaries. Also, you don’t need Hunspell in your system (but with Hunspell you’ll have spellcheck both in LibreOffice and in many other programs).