I don't know how to set the color shortcut

For example, when I press the alt+z button, I want to change it to blue when I press the red alt+c button, but I don’t know what to do.

Tools - Customize dialog box - Keyboard tab.
What should I do next? Which one should I press modify?

What do you want to change the color for (text, highlighting, other) ?

Please specify to all inquiries:

operating system
LibreOffice version (four-digit, e.g.
file type in which saved your file


General idea is to define a custom style and associate a keyboard shortcut to it. Give more details about what object you want to change the colour as Draw styles are a bit contorted compared to those of Writer (because they act not only on character but also on various shape parameters).

Answer @Hrbrgr’s request.

EDIT: did you change your tag from draw to writer or did I misread once again?

Use the STYLES instead of the direct (manual) formatting method.
You can apply a custom cell style by a double click on the name of the style or by an assigned hotkey.

Generally, I’m trying to apply it to the default text. For example, for the text apple, I try to hold the block and press alt+z to make a red mark. In the case of the word sea, I try to hold the block and convert the text to blue.

operating system
window 10

LibreOffice version (four-digit, e.g.

file type in which saved your file
I don’t care about anything, but I’m trying to save it in odt format.

If these words are located in a sentence, then you need use CHARACTER style for the word. If these words are in a pure word-list, then you can use PARAGRAPH style.
You can assign the custom styles to hotkeys by usage of the Customize feature.
Or you can use (not recommended) the MS WORD like manual formatting: select the word, and apply the color property manually. Or you can write one or more macros for this task.
Please upload a small ODF type document here.

I don’t understand what you mean. I don’t know what you mean because I’m bad at English and it’s my first time using Libre Office. I don’t know why you’re talking about text style or paragraph style. I’m uploading a document and I don’t even know why I should upload this. I’ll upload it first.

When I used MS WORD software before
Options-Custom-Keyboard shortcuts-color-red-alt+Z
I set it up and used it, so I’m trying to do the same in the Libre office, but I don’t know why I can’t get this answer and another type of answer.
4321.odt (11.2 KB)

but I don’t know why I can’t get this answer and another type of answer.

Because Writer is not a clone of Word. Writer has much more intelligent methods. If you want, it will show you the right way.

Unfortunately, your sample document is not entirely helpful. You have written single words that are also paragraphs.
As described by @Zizi64 use character styles for single words and paragraph styles for paragraphs.

Professional text composition with Writer

The formatting properties what you have applied in this sample above, are manual (direct) formatting properties. That is contraproductive in the LibreOffice. The main advantage of the LibreOffice is the STYLES. Use them!
You can collect, store and recall the property groups by name. The “Style” means: a group of properties with a unique name.
(I just created only two character styles and two paragraph styles in the edited sample file. )
Styles.odt (18.6 KB)


You might find the Writer Guide helpful in understanding how Writer, and styles, work.

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Now I think I understand a little bit. I understood why you emphasized the style and I understood a little bit what you meant through the document file you uploaded. But in the file you uploaded, I was able to hold the block and apply the style, but if I make a new style, it doesn’t apply to the block and only applies to the entire sentence. " Character styles for single words and parameters." I don’t think I know the meaning yet. When I go into the style menu, there are no character styles, only paragrap styles, but I don’t know what tab is that only specifies the word text part.

There seems to be no difference compared to the apple and sea style you created, but I don’t understand why it’s not working.
I made it with a def style.

  1. I created a paragraph style but I don’t know how to apply it only to words.
    (When I looked at the custom, what I created was only in paragraphs, but what zizi64 generated was both text and paragraphs.)

  2. Is there a way to keep the font size unchanged when applying the style, but only the color?
    style4321.odt (20.8 KB)

It looks like you have no idea about the concepts used in Writer (no offence intended). You should read first the Writer Guide. This is not a waste of time. By understanding the principles and having and idea of the distribution of controls across the menus, you’ll be able to format your document faster than presently.

Styles are applied on the current selection. Since paragraph styles operate on paragraphs, the cursor position implicitly designates the to-be-styled paragraph. For wors, you must first select (highlight) it.

Paragraph styles are available in a toolbar menu. Character styles are list in the side style pane which can be displayed as a floating window with Styles>Manage Styles if it is not already visible. Click on the second icon from left to see character styles. You apply a character style with a double-click on its name.

You’re right. I don’t think it’s aggressive. Because actually the above conversation was caused by my inability to understand the meaning of the style.

However, the reason why I keep asking questions is that first, there are too many contents of the guidebook, and since I am a non-English speaker, my understanding of English may be slow or misunderstood. Also, it is because other functions are of little use to me and I only need this one function.

And I didn’t know the question would be this long because I thought it was easy because I didn’t have any difficulty using these features in other software before.

But I’ll read the guidebook slowly. Can you recommend a part that I must read?

I have no idea about your present skills with document processing applications. Most of the Guide describes the menus. A “philosophy” part is definitely lacking. Along the years I developed my own “philosophy” I call semantic styling. That is, I use styles to annotate my text with author’s intent or significance. This means I don’t consider styles for their visual effects (spacing, font size, colour, …) but as a mean to mark up the significance of my text: main discourse, comment, citation, note, emphasis, irony, understatement, foreign word, … In a second stage, I customise my styles so that these nuances in significance are clearly distinguished in printing.

It is a fundamentally different approach to document writing. With time, it proves extremely fruitful as it separates contents from appearance. You can then dramatically change the look of the document only by modifying styles without ever editing text itself.

This requires mind shifting. It is not immediate. My best advice is to experiment on scratch document.

If you don’t want to read the Guide from first to last page, look at chapters 4, 8 and 9.

The Guide has been translated to Czeh, Portuguese and Spanish (see https://books.libreoffice.org and select an available language).

Here are two screenshot images. One shows you the SideBar with the Paragraph styles list, the another one shows the Character styles list.
Use the upper icons on the Sidebar.

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Thank you very much. I finally made it. I didn’t understand the words well, but thank you for your patience and reply. Thank you especially to zizi64.

I think that’s hard advice. However, the most urgent thing has been resolved, so I will read it with reference to your advice in case there is a problem next time.