i format numbers like 24.47(12),what syntax formula would use to average just the unbraceted


14.26[04] how do i average just the 1st number 14.26 part of the number


Does this question mean you format your numbers using format code##.##"["##"]? Or are the numbers no numbers in terms of calc numbers but text?

It might be helpful to provide a sample file containing the same values and formats as your original file.

they are just as you see them above columns of numbers with say 14.26(11) typed into 1 cell but i only want to average 14.26 part of the number in the cell

I cannot see the type of data - I’m not asking because I cannot read, but because the type of data cannot be recognized from plain text and you are talking about numbers, while you seem to have inserted text. which is not numbers. Asking precise question may result in sound answers, imprecision in questions forces assumptions.


13.93[07]	24.40[07]	34.92[01]	46.09[01]	57.65[01]	1:10.18[01]					
        15.11(1)	27.70[01]	40.57[01]	53.24[01]	1:06.20[01]	1:19.07[01]	1:31.62[01]	1:42.85[01]	1:53.84[01]	2:05.55[01]	
        14.26[04]	25.29[04]	36.63[04]	48.29[03]	1:00.35[02]	1:12.12[02]	1:23.93[01]	1:36.39[01]			
        14.36[05]	25.50[05]	36.92[06]	48.93[05]	1:00.88[03]	1:12.82[03]	1:24.63[02]	1:37.19[01]


This doesn’t help any further since it is still plain text. And what’s that: 1:00.35[02]?

thank you for your help

Please attach a sample file so makes possible to see what is there.

Hello @merlyn5, the average you want is Hours: Minutos.centesimos?

Is each number in a cell?

Can a column be inserted for work?

Hi @merlyn5,

Whereas the data are in: Hours: Minutes. Centesimos, here’s an example.

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