I get An exception occurred Type: com.sun.star.container.NoSuchElementException Message

I completely stripped LibreOffice and all user data from my PC and reinstalled. So, a completely fresh install. As a test I then I created an empty Calc sheet. In Macros organiser I created a new Module 1 within the sheet (not in MyMacros) as I want to be able to send the sheet to another PC with a working macro. I then created a dialog under the new “sheet” module. I then wrote this code:

Sub Main

	Dim Dialog as Object 

	Dim Label as Object


	Dialog = LoadDialog("Standard", "Dialog1")

	Label = Dialog.GetControl("Label1")

	Label1.Text = "YES!"

End Sub

Running the macro from a double click event on the sheet - I get:
BASIC runtime error.
An exception occurred
Type: com.sun.star.container.NoSuchElementException
Message: .


Function LoadDialog(Libname as String, DialogName as String, Optional oLibContainer)

Dim oLib as Object

Dim oLibDialog as Object

Dim oRuntimeDialog as Object

	If IsMissing(oLibContainer ) then

		oLibContainer = DialogLibraries

	End If


	oLib = oLibContainer.GetByName(Libname)

	oLibDialog = oLib.GetByName(DialogName)

	oRuntimeDialog = CreateUnoDialog(oLibDialog)

	LoadDialog() = oRuntimeDialog

End Function

It fails at oLibDialog = oLib.GetByName(DialogName)

I have been informed that the only way to send a Calc sheet with working macros (and dialogs) is to put all macros and dialogs “under” the sheet in the Macro organiser - but I constantly find (even with this utterly fresh test approach) that it fails, it appears to require everything to be in MyMacros to work but if I do that the sheet is empty of macros and dialogs when sent (emailed).
I really need to be able to distribute my work to other PCs but this is preventing me. Any pointers please as to what I am doing wrong.

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Try Dialog = LoadDialog("Standard", "Dialog1", DialogLibraries) (I hope that you also created a dialogue with the name Dialog1, you did not write about it)

Thanks John. At first I thought this had cracked it. But looking at the LoadDialog code it sets this to DialogLibraries as default if missing. It still fails the same as before. I think it is looking in the wrong “Standard” container

Right, different value of DialogLibraries, varies depending on the context - called from your ThisComponent or called from subroutine in the library Tools (level office macros)

Okay, I now have it working. Thanks to John Sun for the help and others for formatting my question correctly.

Rather than using LoadDialog I found the following worked:

moMMDialog = CreateUnoDialog(DialogLibraries.BRWLibrary.dlgMainMenu)

where BRWLibrary is a library containing my dialogs I created “within” the sheet