I lost a document and it ended up saving again under the same name. How can I retrieve the original?

I had a document open and already saved but caught my cat laying on the keyboard. I try to open the document today and a notice came up that said there was already a document under that name and did I want to replace it. I clicked no, initially, but it wouldn’t let me get much further. I ended up trying to open it again and clicked yes and ended up losing 4.4kb of material. Is there any way to retrieve the older version of that document?

Such a question depends heavily on your OS. Given the number of OSes under which LO can run, how do you expect us to guess yours? What message was displayed in the notice?

How comes that opening a document brings a notice about saving the document? Have you hit Ctrl+Shift+S? What else have you done?

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Try some of the data recovery techniques in this post. Remember to regularly save using Save As using some sort of file revision system. This is exemplified in the post.

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