I need to move to a different sheet, but have the cell at the top of the page, not have to scroll down

I have 29 sheets in my spreadsheet. When I click on a button on the first sheet

Aircraft N.A40

I want the destination cell, where the above is pointed, to be placed at the top of the screen. Is that possible?

You will need to tell if the “a button” is dedicated to the task, and in what way the “destination cell” and the “target sheet” are defined.

Do not add new posts for the purpose. Edit your original question (pencil icon) to add the requested information.

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I wouldn’t claim to precisely understand the informtion appended to the original question. I will therefore just state that a solution will need to be based on user code. How such a solution might be implemented, you find demonstrated for 2 variants in the attached example. For actual use, however, the needed code should be relocated to the local Standard library.

disask92575SynchroniseFirstVisibleRows.ods (15.2 KB)

=== EDIING 2023-09-18 ===
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I attach a new example containing a suggestion with user code. This is my final contribution here.
disask92575adjustView.ods (28.1 KB)

I won’t even pretend to understand your reply. I don’t know enough for that, but here is my spreadsheet. Hopefully it will explain what I mean. The first sheet has the button I click to get to the sheet and row I need. I would just like that cell to be positioned at the top of the screen. I hope I’m making sense.

Link removed.

The file-link posted above is misleading and should be removed.
The question was tagged calc and everything posted was about spreadsheets,

If you want to attach your spreadsheet file do it using the Upload tool of the editor. Do not use the Hyperlink tool for ther purpose.

Please don’t expect to get taylor-made solutions here. As stated much earlier the task will require to resort to user code. You will not be able to understand a posted solution, and to properly adapt it to your special case and needs without learning anything about programming for LibreOffice.

I’ve removed the link as you requested. I do not wish a tailor-made solution. I didn’t ask for that, but I’ve never used user code before and would need some explanation of what the examples you generously posted mean. I would have been happy to learn, but as you have stated, you won’t be posting anything further. That’s fine. I appreciate the help you given me already.