I need to take a number from a text file that is half a million digits long and convert it into single digits in individual cells

The number I need to convert is about 500,000 digits in length, in a txt file. I need to have each digit in its own cell. For example, if the number began 9876543219876543219876 etc, I would want A1 to be 9, B1 to be 8, C1 to be 7, etc.
HOWEVER, I want to use the first row to create a string of numbers from 1 through 500,000, so A1 would be 1 and A2 would be 9, B1 would be 2 and B2 would be 8, V1 would be 22 and V2 would be 6, etc. Please help. I’m old and don’t think I have enough years left in me to do it by hand. :slight_smile: