I recently moved to LO 6 with OS upgrade. Cannot understand new interface. How do I revert back to old menu bar (file,edit,...etc)

All I can see in writer is a couple of toolbars full of icons. I am completely lost. I just want to see the old menu bar again.

Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, make the title short.

Option 1: try to transfer your user profile from the old installation.

Option 2: How to enable the “Tabbed Ribbon” interface style in LibreOffice 6 - Real Linux User

Option 3: use menu View-User Interface - Standard


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The menubar can be made visible in all user interfaces. As you cannot see the menu your best bet is to right-click on a toolbar and click Customise Toolbar….

In the dialog that opens select the tab Toolbars, in the top box labelled Search, type menubar .

You will see a menubar icon in the left panel, in the right panel click the top item in the list, then select the menubar icon and click the big arrow pointing right.

The menubar icon will copy to the right near the top. Click OK.

You will see the menubar icon on the left of your toolbar, click it and the menu will appear, click again and it will disappear. Cheers, Al

After some searching found several references to missing menu bar in LO 6.4.6. and decided to install the latest flatpak version (LO 7.0.3) instead. Menu bar reappeared. Thanks all - problem solved.