I want to add a Data-Validity cell as a criterion to a SUMIFS statement

Guided Project_Shouvik.xlsx

Please see the above document — “Sheet named- Task 7 &8 Solution Example”.

The cell B1 in the above sheet has a drop-down menu created using Data Validation in Google Sheets.
When we change the Drop-down menu option ( January 2018, February 2018,etc.) the values in the sheets change according to the month selected.

I am trying to recreate the same picture Using LibreOffice Calc.
The Formula I have used in “Task 7a Analyse your expenses” :cell-B7 is =SUMIFS($‘Task 7b Expense data’.E2:E101,$‘Task 7b Expense data’.B2:B101,$B$1,$‘Task 7b Expense data’.D2:D101,$A7)

That is — I am trying to sum all expenses based on month and year which is input from the “Data-Validity Cell B1” and also based on the category of payments based on cell A7 (Paycheck, Mortgage, Home Improvements,etc.).

How can I do this ?

(By the way I already know how to do this on Google Sheets but I want to use it on Calc.)