I want to include a row of added data automatically into my summary average row....it already does this for a summary column which is the product of another summary cell value and a constant...how do i do this?...d

I am trying to add rows of data and have them automatically included into the summary data. Most of these functions are conditional, mainly “averageif”…how do I accomplish this task?

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David Bruner

Could you explain in a bit more detail (Step by Step if possible) what you want to achieve?
Providing an befor and after example … is also an option, to show it.

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if i’d understand your wish right:

(you have rows with data, and one row which averages for the respective column, you want to add a new column on top or bottom of the data? and it should become included in the averages?)

just add a new row with [alt-s - r - a] as the second or penultimate, then copy the content of the first to second or last to penultimate, and overwrite the first or last with the new data,

that way calc will do all neccessary adaptions to summary formulas for you,

note that columns that connect / calculate different rows - for example running totals - sometimes require special handling or corrections as inserting sometimes changes their references / referencing,

there are many! other ways, this one has proven to be simple and effective for me …

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