I want to use the Date Field 1 option twice, but it puts a "2" after the second date


LO 6.0 in Windows 10. I want to use the “Date Field 1” option twice in my document. The document is an ODT that contains a few form fields (name, address, date, issue date) mixed in with the text. The ODT will be exported as a PDF that will be used as a template for a tax receipt in Sumac (membership management application). The date appears in both places (date, issue date - in that order on the form), but LO puts a “2” after the second date (issue date). E.g., December, 14, 2018 2. The first date is fine. I tried using “Date Field 1” in both places and I also tried using a mail merge code (for the current date) from Sumac as the issue date. The stray “2” appeared after the issue date in both cases. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this will be for tax receipts for a small not-for-profit organization. Thank you! (Note: I tried changing the tag to “base,” but it won’t save the change.)

You tagged your question as common meaning it applies to all LO components, but I feel it is applicable first to base. Please edit your question (don’t use an answer for that) to provide more details, and also LO version and OS. Describe in what type of document you insert the date (form, spreadsheet, text, …).

Read these guidelines.

I’m not familiar with forms in Writer (associated tag is writer, not base), but I’m afraid that trying to have 2 fields pointing to the same record item in the DB creates a mess. Forms are usually intended for data entry. I solved a similar need with the report generator in Base but my ultimate goal was to print invoices, not to create a template for another application. Reports are kind of “read-only”, you can then have as many fields with the same data.