I'd like to insert a .png logo into the header of a spreadsheet

I’d like to insert a .png logo into the header of a spreadsheet. I’m using libreoffice 5.2 on a Linux platform.

From the menu “Format”, “Page…” then in the dialog select the Header tab.

Make sure Header is on.

Click on “More…” button.

In the drop down list next to “As:” select Image instead of color.

Use “Browse…” button to select the image file.

Select type and position for how you want the image to appear.

Note this only seems to work if saved as a .ods format and not if saved as .xls.

Hi mark,
Thanks for your response, If initially saved as .ods after inserting the image, can you subsequently save as .xls and keep the header intact, as most of the audience for this doc will be using Windows?

It doesn’t seem possible to keep the image in the header when saved as xls or xlsx, also if you open the ods file with excell it removes the images. You can place an image in the ods sheet background and save as xls or xlsx, but the image is then tiled across the sheet in excel. The image shows in the excel worksheet view but does not seem to show in print preview so I don’t think this helps.

You could export to pdf and distribute the pdf to other users but they would not have option to edit the data.