Image AS CHARACTER as default


I use A LOT of images, and Anchor as character is the best for my formatting. I would like to have this as a Default value, so every image i paste is automatically put AS CHARACTER instead of anchor it to the paragraph. I know, it is a few clicks but FOR EACH IMAGE is getting very tiresome.

I know i can copy styles too, but i’m sure that it should be a better way to do this. Libreoffice is great, there must be a way!

Is there a setting for this in the menus? So far i can not find the setting.


You can define your own document template. If you make any change in “Graphics” style, this style is included into the template. You need some knowledge about file format, but you can set the style “Graphics” to anchor type “as character”. You can take the style “Formula” as example. To make it easier for you, I have attached such document template You can adapt other properties like default language, page borders, header/footer settings to your needs. It will not affect the anchor type of “Graphics”. If you base your document on this template, all inserted Graphics will be anchored “as character” as default.

thanks!!! !!!

Presetting the anchorage - as of version 7.1

The anchoring for inserting images can be preset from LibreOffice version 7.1.

Select Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>Formatting Aids from the menu.

For Image/Anchor you can select: To Pragraph, To Character or As Character.

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Thanks, ebot! The version of LO truly makes a difference here!

Hi. I’m using Libreoffice
On MacOS it’s
Libreoffice>Preferences>LibreOffice Writer>Formatting Aids

Is there an option for setting Image/Wrap to None?

Or you can unzip your Default Template .odt file and extract styles.XML. Edit it and find the graphics style and change the anchor to “as-char” as below. Resave your default template.

<style:style style:name="Graphics" style:family="graphic">
		<style:graphic-properties text:anchor-type="as-char" svg:y="0cm" fo:margin-left="0cm" fo:margin-right="0cm" style:wrap="parallel" style:number-wrapped-paragraphs="no-limit" style:wrap-contour="false" style:vertical-pos="top" style:vertical-rel="baseline"/>

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First you need to create your own default template… File→Templates→Save as Template, set as default. Then use the unzip command mentioned at 19814 – default anchor type: toolbar icon to select anchor type of newly to be inserted objects and 19814 – default anchor type: toolbar icon to select anchor type of newly to be inserted objects to edit the file ‘styles.xml’, replacing text:anchor-type="paragraph" with text:anchor-type="as-char". Finally, update the template using zip

It’s not possible, sorry:

Bug 32484 - Allow anchor settings in frame styles

In the Linux version at least, the current styles.XML does not contain any anchor-type setting that I can find. The default has now changed from paragraph, which suited my purposes, to character, which does not. I don’t see why this is such an issue to sort out, it’s only a default setting.

From it looks like there will be an option to set this default, but not yet in

Thanks, Fergus_Magus! Gotta pay attention on the version of LO!