Image numbering show wrong number

I have a 3 image on document. First and second image show correct number, but the third image show number 1, not 3.
This is the link for the file I mean : Dropbox - skripsi_master2.odt - Simplify your life

I’m using LO 5.1 on linux ubuntu 32bit. Thx…

I don’t know what keystroke you may have inadvertently hit to reset the numbering, but you can fix it by manually double clicking on the 1 of the Gambar 3.1 field. This will bring up the Edit Field menu. Change the Gambar+1 to Gambar+3.

– L. James

L. D. James

Please also see How to insert figure caption numbering according to headings numbering ? for further information

Thank You… I never know about it. Now I can change the number.