Images on Notes pages do not appear when exported as PDF

I am trying to export my presentation developed in Impress as Notes only (Menu: “View” → “Notes”), to a pdf.

I’ve linked a copy of the pdf with the first three pages for review.

File” → “Export to PDF” (PDF dialog box appears)

PDF options:

Range = “All” Images:

JPEG Compression, Quality = “100%” (also tried “85%”) Reduce image resolution [YES] = “150 DPI”

General: Tagged PDF [YES], Create PDF Form [YES], Submit format = “XML” (Also tried “PDF”), Export notes pages [YES], Export only notes pages [YES] (also tried Export only notes pages [off])

All other settings, default.

Environment: Ubuntu 18.04, running LibreOffice and viewing the pdf with Document Viewer 3.28.4

You can see the output here:


Any advice on setting appreciated, or reference to a bug.


What are you calling Notes? Is Notes an Impress/presentation doc? Can you upload the PDF (only that page) may be it’s your pdf viewer? if not, which one are you using, Atril, Okular, Evince, …?
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@ProLogic: Notes View.

@pmasson: please try with a newer LO version first: 6.0 is too old. It might be already fixed in a later version (because e.g. I coudn’t repro this with v. on Win10 with this sample .odp); or it could be specific to OS or a repo. “… or reference to a bug” looks like “I don’t want to search for relevant information myself; do it for me” request… but if you at least confirm that it is reproducible with a current version (6.3/6.4), and provide a sample presentation to test (so that one would not be required to invent something, and then wonder if different results are because of e.g. image format differences), then others could have a reson to search.

@mikekaganski Oops my very bad, I feel so bad now, I did not catch/see the relation (the worse is that I use to it). In all case, thanks a lot, I will think twice now on.

Also, I tried your sample as well, it works just fine on Ubuntu-MATE 19.10.1 and LO Version:, no problem at all.

@mike-kaganski Updated to successfully output Notes to pdf w/images. Thank you.

FYI, I update based on Ubuntu’s schedule. Their current ver. is I found the newest version in the Ubuntu Software Updater, so updated manually. I’m not sure of the delay between LO’s release & Ubuntu’s distro.

Re. searching, I did–and this is how I ended up here. My search included LibreOffice, StackExchange & others, e.g.:

  1. Printing notes in Impress is not showing slide image unless slide on screen.
  2. Libre Office Impress - Notes not showing on presentation started on MS-Office Powerpoint

I asked for a bug ref b/c I’m new to the community & wanted to ensure I added my report to the relevant issue, not as a do it for me request.

@pmasson: great!

Wrt your previous search: that’s good; and note that it’s always good to mention what you already visited (with links, as you just did in the comment above), so that others don’t repeat what is already known (and both your and their time is not wasted). Thanks!

The solution here was to upgrade to the most current version of LibreOffice.

For Ubuntu users, you may need to install/upgrade through the Ubuntu Software application.