Printing notes in Impress is not showing slide image unless slide on screen.

For some reason when printing out a series of slides that contain imported jpg images using notes option, only those elements added directly in Impress and the notes themselves are printed.
The only added image printed is the image of the slide currently displayed on screen.
All text and drawing objects are printed but no jpg.
Can anyone please help with this?

I can’t reproduce this. But I’m not sure I know what you mean by ‘slides that contain jpg images’ as distinct from ‘all … drawing objects.’ Do you mean, for example, that .png prints but not .jpg?

I can no longer reproduce this effect either. The meaning of slides that contain jpg images was those imported jpg images onto the slide. No png images were imported. This differed from images created using the drawing tools within impress.
The only change I made was to click on the image, using arrange and bring to front. That did not appear to have any effect but trying again today the print out of notes also includes the imported images. So apparently resolved.