import SVG, not editable


Newbee to LibreOffice Draw that cannot get to square one.

I exported a drawing from DrawPlus as a SVG file. When I open it in LibreOffice Draw, it is seen as one big object and I cannot edit individual objects.

History: If I open it in Inkscape the same thing happens, but if I “ungroup” it, it is then editable. However, if I try ungrouping it in LibreOffice Draw, nothing happens since ungroup is grayed out.

How can I get the SVG file to work correctly? If I use Inkscape as an intermediary, it still is not editable?

I read through the LibreOffice documentation and cannot find an answer.


Have you seen How do I convert a vector outline to a fillable shape??

Thanks. I just looked at that and it doesn’t help. I did save it as an ODG file but it is still seen as just one big uneditable object when opened. My drawing has hundreds of objects in it. I have no trouble importing it and editing it in Inkscape, but would like to learn how to use LibreOffice Draw and compare the two programs to see which one works better. .

Inkscape is a dedicated vector drawing program.

Draw is a useful drawing program in an office suite

Hello @SteveG_8888,

Both Convert To Curve and Break must work. But if not, edit your question, and share a sample .odg so we can test.

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Thank you. I looked up these terms and found them in the Shape menu and tried them. Convert to Curve and Break did break it up into objects but none of the text was editable. This all seems very awkward. In Inkscape all I have to do is Ungroup and I am good to go. Perhaps Inkscape is more suitable to this type of drawing. Serif DrawPlus is no longer supported but does allow SVG export. I am looking for a program that will allow me to migrate away from DrawPlus to a program that will be around for a while and has similar functionality. It looks like Inkscape may fill the bill. Thank you for your help.

ANSWER. It looks like LibreOffice Draw cannot easily migrate my SVG export from Serif DrawPlus - the text is not editable in the import. However, I have found I can import it into Inkscape then Ungroup and my objects and text are editable. So, my solution is to migrate to Inkscape. LibreOffice Draw seems like a great program, but it just does not seem to work on my particular drawings. Thank you all for your help.