How do I convert a vector outline to a fillable shape?

In Draw, I have imported a vector outline and saved it as ODG. When I try to fill it with a simple color, the entire canvas is filled. How do I tell Draw to define this as a shape with an area that can be filled?

Here’s the file: alabama-outline.odg

What is the source of your outline? Different application (like Inkscape, AutoCAD or MS Visio), file (svg, font file) or something else?

What do you do in order to try to fill the outline?

It was an SVG file. I understand I can’t fill it as long as it’s in a vector format. I saved it as an ODG file, selected it, selected Area from the sidebar, and used the Fill menu to select Color. The entire canvas filled with the color.

Can you attach the file to your question? (Edit your question, and use the paperclip tool to upload attachment.)

File attached.

Click Shape > Convert > To Curve (or to Polygon) then select a suitable fill.

If curve is open then it would need to be closed before it can be filled


I converted the shape to a closed curve, but when I try to fill it, I still get a solid rectangle of color. If I change the fill to “None” the fill and outline are both erased.

I have inspected the image zoomed-in and do not see any gaps in the outline (curve). Yet Draw is treating it as if there are gaps. Is there a way to change Draw’s mind that I am unaware of?

Your shape once converted to curve can be filled with any area fill I choose on my installation.

I mentioned closing the curve in case of an incomplete shape. If I select the converted shape and click Shape > Break then the fill will disappear because it is then just a selection of curves. As an example, I can even select a straight section and delete it. If I then select all the remaining curves (zoom out and drag a selection around the entire page) and click Shape > Connect I again get a single, closed curve which can take a fill.

So the answer to your comment is to select everything and click Shape > Connect

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When this answer was first posted, I tried the answer. Used Navigator (F5) to select the image and the fill worked without a problem. Without the Navigator I couldn’t seem to get the wanted selection.

Either clicking on the line itself or drag selecting around the svg should select the svg.

Tried, Tried and Tried… gave up and Navigator worked. Ubuntu 20.02 LO v

Curious. In Linux Mint 19.3, LO I can select by clicking on the line or by dragging,around svg but I cannot select from Navigator

I cannot select from Navigator

Also with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 10.0.

A second option:

  • Select the SVG.
  • Choose menu Shape - Break.
  • Choose menu Format - Area - Area tab - Color button, OK.

The button Fill Color (image description) in the Drawing toolbar wouldn’t make any visible change on the shape until that.

Tested with LibreOffice (x64); OS: Windows 10.0.

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This works too. There’s more than one way to slice an apple

Good point about the bucket; I always use the sidebar for fills so I did not consider that people might try to use the bucket fill

And good point about the sidebar; so you can replace the third step with:

  • Press F11, choose Properties - Area and for Fill: select Color.