Importing Apache OO settings and LO setup

I have used Apache OpenOffice for some time and have a long list of Autocorrect entries. Can someone please advise me how to import this? I will probably have other questions later, but one answer at a time is easier for me, and I may discover answers as I go. Thanks you.

[Tutorial] The OpenOffice User Profile describes the contents of the AOO profile. Autocorrect information is in the .openoffice/4/user/autocorrdirectory.

For LibreOffice see [Tutorial] User Profile


Thanks. I cannot see anything in those links about importing Auttocorrect in Apache OO to LO. Advice about how to do this import would be appreciated.

Read again:

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Copy the folder or files from one profile to the other (and create backups before you change anything, especially, if you have no clue what you do)

Thank you. All I can see is:
“If a new version of LibreOffice does not yet find a user profile at the default location for that version, it looks for existing user profiles from old LibreOffice or versions at well-known locations and migrates any data it can continue to use to the new location.”
This does not say how to migrate Apache OO Autocorrect to Libre Office. It’s unclear if “” includes Apache.

Clarification of the above would be appreciated.

The very next line says:

However, most of the content of the user profile can be safely copied from a machine to another to duplicate the same configuration. Especially custom dictionaries, color palettes, shortcuts, toolbars, extensions…

Might be worth a try.

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I saw the next line. However, I am unfamiliar with the Apache and Libre file structures, and at present am unable to copy. I could use trial and error but it would be simpler if I knew how to do this based on advice from this forum.

Please stop using answer/solution boxes that are not solutions.
Use comments instead. Thank you very much.

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Please use some intelligence. You had been given two great information sources, one on, which has this in its header:

To your words

let me state it explicitly: yes, the advice suggested to here does apply to Apache OpenOffice (if it’s still unclear from the information that you may read on the forum, here, on the Internet, etc.). And then: if you think that these my explicit words mean more than the indirect hints, then you likely take words of someone unknown on the Internet as a kind of a guarantee - which is … unreliable :wink:

The other source is on the LibreOffice wiki, and you can’t even say that it’s not obvious that it applies to LibreOffice :slight_smile: (I will not start talking about the fact that the profile structure is common to all of them).

Then you have the specific pieces in the both sources telling you where the relevant data is stored; and direct indication, that you can easily copy these bits between the different profiles. So what else you expect from others? If you are unwilling to do your own homework, after you had been given every piece of information, then your only hope would be to hire someone who is able, and pay for the convenience of not having to handle your setup.

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