Importing FileMaker pro 10 database into Base

How do I go about importing my FileMaker pro 10 database into Libre Base?
Step by step instructions would be very helpful

Many thanks

You cannot import into Base a database application created in another software package (nor any other cross importing).

You can create a Base database to connect to the Tables contained in a database created in another software package using an ODBC/JDBC connection. You cannot access the Forms, Queries or Reports in that database - the front ends are not compatible.

You would need an ODBC/JDBC driver from FileMaker Pro. In the Base create new database Wizard use the 3rd option “Connect to an existing database” selecting the appropriate method. When you have this connection you will see the Tables in FMP. You can also copy these Tables into a new Base database so that you can then use it stand alone from FMP. You may have problems if there are any Field types in FM P that are not implemented in Base. You would need to create in Base any Forms, Queries, and Reports that you want to use - you cannot get these from the FMP database.

Another option is in FMP export the tables as CSV files which you can then import into a Base database.

See this question for further information - Does Base support Filemaker Pro .fp10 files?

I have successfully made ODBC connections from base to MS Access databases.

Many thanks for your quick reply. I will try your first suggestion. I read the CSV and tried it, but it didn’t open my files successfuly – the comma separation confused the fields.