Impress Normal and Notes in same view?

Is there a way to see and edit both a slide and its notes on a single screen? All I can find is a view to see and edit the slide (i.e. Normal view) and a view to see - but not edit - the slide, while also being able to see and edit notes (i.e. Notes view).


Is your screen large enough to do that?

As Jean-Baptist point out the screen is not big enough.

But there is a kind of alternative: open 2 windows, one with Normal view (you can edit the slide) and one with Notes view where you can work on your notes. Switch forth and back between both screens using alt-tab.

This should be added as a feature.

Apologies for resurrecting an old question. Is there an option to have the notes section display on a separate column? The notes view makes the slides too small but there is ample room on the left side where the Properties panel resides. I was thinking making the notes as a dockable panel might work so the notes advance as the main slide is also being moved.


I would find such a feature to be valuable.

@Jean-Baptist, Sorry I saw you question only today.

No, my screen is not big enough but I just switch windows with alt+tab (XP)