Impress Presenter Console or Timer

Helllo i have a presentation with impress, i would like to have a running timer for the presentation. The software has a timer presentation but this works only for the singular slide not for the all presentation. If i change slide the timer goes to 0. I want a timer running from first to the last slide.

I know the presenter console with another monitor attached. Isn’t possible to try that without a second monitor connected?


May be you can try the Impress Remote. The application handles a timer but I do not remember if it is reset for each slide.

Another approach would be to include in the master page the time in variable format: Menu Insert Date & Time Variable. This does not give you direct calculation but get the start time and end time. Note: it seems that the hh:mm:ss format is not preserved when the document is saved…

Last possibility: If using a macro does not disturb you can start the slide via a macro like addListener:

Option Explicit

global top As Date

Sub addListener

dim oPresentation as object, oController as object, oList as object

oPresentation = ThisComponent.Presentation
oList = createUnoListener("Pys_","")

top = now

'Use rehearseTimings to display the timer on each slide'
'Use start to not display'

oController = oPresentation.Controller

end sub

Sub Pys_disposing(oEvent)
MsgBox(Format(Now-top, "hh:mm:ss") , 0, "Running timer") 
End Sub

Sub Pys_notifyEvent(oEvent)
End Sub

The total duration of the slideshow will be displayed when it is finished. To test, open Timer.odp, run Tools Macros Organize Macros LibreOffice Basic, unfold Timer.odp Standard Module1, select addListener and click Run.

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I’ve just tried this demo, and it’s cool. However it still seems to count from zero for each slide. Is this described at all in descriptions of macros?