Improve digital signature feature in libreoffice

The current digital signature feature in libre office seems to have limitations for full functionality in respect of digital signatures. Office documents typically need several signatures, say the gentleman who drafted, the gentleman who proofread, the guy who accepted, and the guy who finally okayed. Basically, a document requires multiple signatures. This provision is currently not there in libre office. We need a system of signing in “APPEND” mode as well if the digital signature has to be made more effective and widely acceptable.

Secondly, often the print out of the digitally document need visual features to tell the reader that the document was electronically signed by Mr. X at such date and time. Adobe does it nicely, but it has only one fixed image set to do so. Similar feature with custom images by the author is required, again with provision for multiple signatures. This would greatly enhance the visual appeal of the document and its authenticity. MS Word 2010 has already implemented such a system,and they call it “signature lines”, and one could add oe or more signature lines to a document.

This is a very important feature and should be looked at with some seriousness.

Filed a new Enhancement Bug.

Bug 63001 - Digital Signature feature needs drastic improvements on the lines of Signature Line feature

Link: fdo#63001

Thanks, @mkyadava!

The related bug (fdo#63001) was RESOLVED INVALID due to detailing many issues in a single bug. Policy for bug reporting is one issue per report. Refer my answer in this thread.

Could you please add feature-request tag to this question?

Oh, thanks. That’s a good suggestion. I have added the feature request tag. Hope this helps.

Filed an enhancement bug. Bug 63001 - Digital Signature feature needs drastic improvements on the lines of Signature Line feature

Hi @mkyadava,

Please file an enhancement bug and provide as much information about the digital signature improvements as you can. Don’t forget to mark your bug as an ‘enhancement’. The QA team will be happy to help you triage your feature request in the bugtracker.

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.


I have taken some parts of the original enhancement request (fdo#63001, which was RESOLVED as INVALID, due to it containing multiple requests) and split them off into separate reports:

  • fdo#83876, Digital signature: Support multiple signings / APPEND mode
  • fdo#83877, Digital signature: Support visual identification / signature lines

Thanks for providing the helpful example in the original report. In addition to these two aspects the original report contained these requests:

  • A method of signing documents using images. This seems (to me) likely to require a lot of work for a facility that will have little or no authority backing. The basic method described in the report was: (a) Apply the digital signature to an image; (b) Insert signed image; (c) Use date field to capture the timestamp (which will be after the time of insertion, obviously).[1]

  • Conversion of a signed document to PDF loses the signature. This is likely fdo#66701.

[1] If I have not understood this particular proposal accurately, please feel to raise a separate enhancement request with a clearer description. Thanks.