Signing multiple signature lines


I don’t know if it is a bug or there is no way of doing it as i would see it working or am i making a mistake by expecting it to work as i write below so please clarify it to me.

When i create 2 signature lines the first signature is signing as it should but after adding the second signature the first one is erased.

If i am correct this is due some internals of the document structure but in the current form a great feature like this is to be true not using the full potential - it does not allow to sign the document by 2 sides keeping both the signing signatures and the document integrity intact.

Of course after the first digital signature is stamped NO OTHER OPERATION EXCEPT adding next signature in the other signature line field should be possible.

Do you have ideas how to make this - i think that would make a very important change.

Do you plan to revise this feature in future releases to support multiple digital signatures?

BTW as i can imagine it should be possible to include even more than 2 signatures but depending on the number of signature lines added before the first digital signing after which only signing the existing signature lines could take place. But this one i am not sure and this is just my speculation - the support of 2 signatures would be in reality sufficient for a productive workflow.

Or even maybe i am using it in an improper way or not doing it right. So please feel free to correct me if i am wrong at any point.

I found that the question about multiple signatures was already asked in this topic:

As i can see the 3+ overall document signatures bug is tracked here:

But if understand that question was about the signing of the entire document and not signature line specific which i assume that are 2 different and separate features.

That is why i am sending this question because it is intended to be a signature line specific question so sorry if this is a duplicate - i didn’t found any other signature line question only the multiple overall document 3+ signature question and bugtrack.

Regardless of the above thanks for such a great feature like the digital signing with the image signature - it works and looks really nice.

My LibreOffice version is, if You have any questions feel free to ask.

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I got the exact same problem.