In LO 6.3.3 writer how do I add and save with names custom colours

I have created tables in LO Writer 6.3.3 and I have different coloured cells, text and highlights. Several months ago I was able to create and name some colours which I’d saved in the custom colours list. However I can no longer find how to do so again. The LO 6.3 help provides information which does not exist in the format menu [Choose Format - Area - Area, press the Color button and click the Pick button] .

So today in LO 6.6.3, how do I name and save custom colours for use in writer. for the future, without leaving them to the vagaries of the recent colours where they just disappear?

As always, I found my answer just after I posted :frowning:

To save and name custom colours in LO 6.3.X go to the Format menu, scroll down and select Page. Then in the window choose the AREA tab [3rd tab along]. Select colour tab from the 6 tabs available. In the palette drop down menu select the palette to add the new colour to.
Choose your colour and click the Add button. Then you will be able to choose a name for your colour and save it.

The instructions in Libre Office help should be updated with the new access changes please.

Could you please tell the help page you were consulting that needs fixing?

Ah - found: Selecting a new color

All I could find in for custom colours in Office help before I posted was Selecting a new colour.
I would never have thought to look for defining colours or backgrounds in Formatting pages. It really is hidden.

It’s not specific to “backgrounds in Formatting pages”. It’s just in any area color selector pages - be it page or shape or table or… but yes, it’s missing from e.g. color drop-down on toolbar or line color :slight_smile:


thanks for that

An enhancement request is open as tdf#124418 with some earlier discussions about User Interface for handling Custom colors found in user profile…