Include a quotation in a paragraph

Hi everyone and thanks in advance!

I’d like to include a quotation in a paragraph like the one between brackets in the image I attach.
How can I do that?



You have to use a frame (or a text box) wrapped in text. The “brackets” are type of drawing/image as background/area (have to be imported).

For better handling save some different samples as AutoText…

In my and editions I could not create stable frames.

The “double brackets” are part of the drawing tools. You can insert a text box and fill with text but on my computer I did not get stable objects. After moving the text box left the brackets object (buggy!).

See my sample files (ODT and PDF), created on OpenOffice 4.1.5. The “quotations” frames remained stable compared to LibreOffice.

The how to:

  1. Draw: Export of double brackets (selection) as PNG file
  2. Writer: Import PNG file as additional background/area for frame :: Graphic :: Area type
  3. Modify frame text content properties (Frame contents style)
  4. Create AutoText out of entire frame (is saved in extra file, not in the edited file)
  5. Insert AutoText when needed




Thanks a lot!!