incorrect spelling in dictionary

I am new to this site and was thrilled to find the Gàidhlig option for word processing! I have created my favourites for my Gàidhlig text to allow a faster entry of accents. And the spell check works nicely for a lot of them so I can avoid the hassle of inserting a special character (I love my mac for accents, but that function doesn’t work here) However, in my random keystroking, I have found that there seem to be some words in the dictionary that are missing their accents - Fàilte, èisteachd, to name a couple (haven’t gone much farther than that but I know there will be more). I would love to add them to the dictionary but can’t find a way of doing that. Do I have to create a custom dictionary from the existing Gaelic (Scottish) dictionary? Thanks for your help folks.

For starters, what is Gàidhlig and how does it relate to LibreOffice? Never heard of it. As for spellcheck issues in LibreOffice:

  1. Read this tutorial.
  2. If you can’t find an answer, read these guidelines and ask a good question.

Thx gabix. Gàidhlig is Scottish Gaelic, LibreOffice has a Gaelic language pack which I was delighted to find. As can be expected, MS word spell-check tags about 3 words out of 4 in a foreign language.

My question was relative to any language dictionary. I was hoping that there might be a way to correct any existing errors in a dictionary without having to create a custom one. And if I must create a custom dictionary, can I import the existing into my custom, and correct that, rather than create an entirely new dictionary word by word.

I will check the tutorial again and see if i missed it.

Yes, you can edit the dictionaries. Here is a discussion that might be helpful:

The key points:

  1. Dictionaries installed by user, like any other extensions installed by user, are in /user/uno_packages/cache/uno_packages/ (and browse through all that stuff).
  2. Word lists are *.dic files that can be edited with any text editor.
  3. If you have a plain-text list of custom words, you can paste it into a .dic file.

Hi again gabix. I tried following that path, and did check out the link to the other discussion. But unfortunately, I am on a mac, and the path isn’t the same. I have also tried going into my “hidden” library, application support folder, and found no joy in that direction either, but I am going to go through pretty much every folder there before I give up!

There is no “C:Program files… etc” on a mac. So I followed what I hoped was the mac equivalent, into Applications, opened “package contents” (by right clicking) for the LibreOffice app - my path ends up being Applications/LibreOffice/Contents/Resources/wordbook/ which got me to 3 dictionaries. Unfortunately, none of them is the correct file :frowning: There is a uno_packages folder which unfortunately, is empty.

So I am still looking! But thanks for letting me know the file extension I am looking for and giving me a place to start. I am far from Any body on a Mac that has some info feel free to chime in :wink:

Search in the user profile.