Insert a page break without inserting extra paragraphs

I have a document with two tables of contents, and I want to have a page break before and after those TOCs without having to add extra paragraphs. When the tables of contents are read-only (created automatically) the only solution I found is to add a paragraph between the TOCs, then insert a page break. However this inserts another paragraph after the page break, so I assigned the smallest possible font size to those paragraphs.
Absolutely ugly!

Sample Document
(The yellow arrows indicate where I want to insert a page break)

Just make your TOC Heading paragraph style to have page break before; and also make your H1a to have a page break before (manually, if you don’t intend all your 1st level headings to start on a new page).

You don’t have page breaks in the example, so I suppose you mean space between lines. Click in the TOC heading, press F11 to open the styles overview, right click in the (selected) Contents heading, select Modify, select the Indents & Spacing tab and set Above paragraph and Below paragraph to 0.

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I issue is (which I didn’t realize earlier) that the image description is not shown when hovering over the image. I wrote that the yellow lines indicate where I want to have a page break.

TOC titles are formatted according to Contents Heading paragraph style.

If you want a systematic page break before a TOC, modify Contents Heading style in Text Flow tab. There you can insert a page break before and even choose the page style if your TOCs are laid out differently than the body of the document (e.g. a different header or page numbering).

If you only need more vertical spacing before your TOC, see @floris_v’s answer.

EDIT 2021-03-29

Page break before the first “H1a” paragraph is added with direct formatting. This is one of the rare cases where this is legitimate.

  • Put the cursor inside the heading.
  • Format>Paragraph and go to Text Flow tab
  • Change the Breaks property to add a page break before.

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Which Heading Style exactly? Also I don’t want a page break before or after every ToC, but a “zero height” page break.

Where is “@floris_v’s answer”?

As said, the style for TOC is Contents Heading. Change its Text Flow Breaks property.

What do you mean a “zero height page break”? No page break at all?

floris v’s answer is just below.