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Hello All,
I am in the middle of 400 page document and I need now to insert a page without having to reset ever page after it… how do I do that… i checked insert page and and page insert… but nothing came up… Anyone have any ideas? There are multitudes of inserts I have found but not to insert a whole page… blank… ready to add text to… This to me is important and maybe I have just missed it or it has to be done another way, however, if it is not there the ability to insert a full blank page should be something in a document software program… for the wish list on 7.3 or whatever…
Thank you


Does this mean that you have manual cross-references in your document? Headings, Captioned images and tables, Bookmarks, numbered paragraphs can all be referenced from Insert > Field > More fields (Ctrl+F2) and you can also set and reference ad hoc references. They can be updated with F9.

Or is it that you don’t want images and tables shifting by half a page? The keyboard shortcut to create a manual page break is Ctrl+Enter, if you enter one at the start of a page you will have an empty blank page. Cheers, Al

There two main categories of text processing applications:

  • desktop publishing
    These applications are page-oriented because main constraint is put on the size of the final document. Think of one-page double-sided leaflets, books where you have 2n pages in a sheet and you try to stick with this number of pages, newspaper where articles should be contained in the page, …

    The designer allocates the pages he needs and places blocks of data in the page. The blocks are eventually linked to each other for continuation.

  • document processing (I can find no better word, so excuse me)
    These applications are flow-oriented where the emphasis is put on contents and pages are dynamically allocated to text.

    The author concentrates on text and doesn’t care for pages. Of course, for aesthetics and structural reasons, there is sometimes a need to align text with the top of page (note I suggest alignment and I don’t speak of page allocation which is implicitly managed by the app). You then insert a page break request.

Writer belongs in the second category.

Since you don’t control page allocation, you must not write your document according to supposed fixed page geometry. This will fail with the slightest change (e.g. font face because all fonts have not the same metrics, bolding a word, …).

Writer has many features to make your life easier in such a moving environment. Most of them are based on cross-references. When graphical data is added to illustrate paragraphs, anchor properties are there to position the frame relative both to its paragraph and the page. These anchor properties also specify what happens should the “owning” paragraph be moved due to edits.

All the properties are grouped in styles so that all you have to do is markup your text with styles. This also means you must avoid direct formatting. If you’re familiar with M$ Word, you have no other choice but Writer is much more advanced allowing for a higher degree of automation and independence from page boundaries.

There is no such thing as a blank insert page in the true sense.

You can either simply continue writing at the end of a page, so that the text is automatically continued on the next page.

Or you can insert a “Manual page break” at the end of a page.
Insert manual page break:
Menu Insert>Breaks>Manual Break

I hope it helps you.

See also:
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You can also press ‘Ctrl+Enter’ to insert a page break.