INSERT INTO not working

Why do I get :- Unexpected token ., requires FROM in statement [INSERT INTO “WordSubject”(“WordsID”,“SubjectID”) (SELECT “WordsTable” .]

Full statement is :- INSERT INTO “WordSubject”(“WordsID”,“SubjectID”) (SELECT “WordsTable” . “ID” AS “WordsID”, “SubjectTable”.“ID” AS “SubjectID” FROM “WordsTable”,“SubjectTable” WHERE “WordsTable”.“Subject” LIKE ‘%country%’ AND “SubjectTable”.“ID” =‘1’)

WordSubject is a 2 field table containing “WordsID”,“SubjectID” that already exists.

The select statement works fine on it’s own.

This is executed in the Tools>SQL dialogue.

I am using Libre Office Version: in Linux Mint 19.1 with HSQLDB.


Brilliant, Thank you. Don’t always see the obvious!

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Not the proper place to respond to my answer. You are actually responding to the posted question. Only saw this because of upvote (Thanks most likely to @jimk ).

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You have extra spaces at:

 "WordsTable" . "ID"

Removing the spaces so it is:


worked in my testing.

OK , Noted.