Insert list item into list

List Problem.odt I placed the details for this question in an odt file as I was not able to put them into the question. I also could find no way of attaching the file to this question. Instead the question software tried to save it locally when I clicked on the link.

Be assured. The file is attached to the question. Since it is an .odt, any browser offers to download it or to open it with an application.

Put the cursor at end of def. Hit Enter. Type ghi.

When you create a new paragraph right after some, the new paragraph inherits all attributes from the previous one.

Important remark: All your List Problem.odt is styled only Default Paragraph Style, list items have been created with a click on the toolbar button and paragraphs vertically spaced with empty paragraphs. This is called direct formatting.

I hoped this is not the usual way of working with Writer. This is acceptable for sample files here but you’ll never succeed in sophisticated formatted with this work flow. Learn how to use styles in the Writer Guide.

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When I tried that the list item was indented relative to the other list items but the list-icon was what I hoped for,

Then you either pressed Tab at start of the item (putting it at level-2 compared to the other items) or you have some direct-formatting.

In the first case, put the cursor at head and press Shift+Tab to revert to level 1.

In the latter case, select the whole item paragraph and press Ctrl+M