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Firstly I’m new so hi to all.

My Question:
I have created a new default sheet formatted to my requirements and this works well.
I then would like to insert a new sheet with the same formatting as my new default sheet but I can’t seem to work it out, it keeps insertting the orignial sheet formatting.

Can someone please let me know how I can set the insert sheet so it’s already formatted as per my default sheet when openning program.

Apprecait any help.


  • Set up your sheet to your requirements. Note that you may have to modify your default cell style and possibly some other cell styles, also page style
  • Click File > Templates > Save as Template
  • In the dialogue box that opens, enter a name for your template, select a category for it, and tick the box Set as default template

If you wish to edit your new default style, then click File > Templates > Manage templates. Find your new style in the list (it will have a green tick over it), right-click it and select Edit.

If you wish to stop your new style from being the default, go to the same placee, right click on it and select Reset Default

Hi Earnest,

I have already done that and that works for the default sheet when I startup Calc.
My problen is when I’m in Calc and I want to insert a new sheet (sheet 2) that formatting is not the same as my default, how can I make that the same?

I’m not sure that can be done, the styles should carry through but any direct additions such as borders, trademarks, fixed text headings, etc won’t.
You could duplicate the sheet you want to repeat in your template, then when you want a new sheet, instead of clicking new sheet, just right-click the tab of the second sheet and select Move or Copy sheet, in the dialogue box select radio button Copy and Insert before [current tab].

You could also see this question Templates for Calc - new sheet

Hi Ernest,

Yes that is want I have done.
The only changes I made where:

  1. Centre AlignColumn
  2. Centre Align Row
  3. Ariel Font
  4. Font size 12

I would have thought these should carry through but nothing is carried through.

Thanks for your input, if nobody else has an idea then I guess this is closed.

As I’m a newbie is there a process for closing post?

Points 3 & 4 you can do with Cell Style. In the sidebar, click on Styles > Cell Styles then right-click Default and select Modify

In the Cell Style dialogue box that opens select the Font tab. Select Arial and Size 12 and OK out. If you click New sheet then all cells will be Arial 12.

Points 1 & 2 are individual rows or columns, I assume, so you can’t apply that across the board. You could make them all centre aligned but that would be a really bad idea as you would not get any visual feedback on the type of data in the cell (text is left aligned, numbers are right) and if a number was actually text.

The Calc Guide has a chapter on styles & templates that is worth referring to. It is a free download from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - Your documentation for LibreOffice


3&4 have been set and they carry through no issues.
Only 1&2 but not a great problem to live with.

Thanks for your input, it’s apprecaited.


If you create a new sheet by Move or Copy Sheet... choosing Copy everything must be copied. That’s every detail of the formatting, including named styles if applied in the sheet, named ranges, conditional, format serttings, and the content, too, whether its is data or formulas. In case of formulas, of course, you should expect that their working may depend on the position of the new sheet.
This Move or Copy Sheet process even works if the target document is different from the source document or a newly to create document. Only if the source sheet is the single sheet in its document, Move is silently replaced by Copy, because a spreadsheet document must contain one sheet at least.
If anything doesn’t work on your system as described, there is a problem with your version (bug) or with your user profile.

Alignment is offered by the UI for ranges (like columns), but always applied to the cells of th
at range. There is no Column formatting or Row formatting to mthe effact5 youi may expect. New cells created due to deletion of other at the right or bottom edge opf the sheet get the default style. Newly created cells ()rows, columns) inherit styles from their neighbours. Play with all zhat to learn about the details of actual behaviour.

If you want to only copy the format related properties of your sheet to any sheet elsewhere (just created the default way or an old one), you can Edit Select All, then Copy (Ctrl+C or Edit > Copy), select the Cell A1 of the target sheet, and Edit > Paste Special... (Ctrl+Sift+V) disabling everything but enablinf Formats and OK then…

hi Lupp,

Thanks, yes I just copy sheet instead of hitting plus sign, not much of an issue, thanks all.

Unsolicited advice:
Try to avoid explicit horizontal alignment (except for headers, probably).

The Default setting makes sure that you get for free the very important information if direct cell content or current formula results are Text (left aligned) or Number (right aligned).
Issues going back to users’ wrong assumptions concerning the type are legion, and cause serious problems again and again. Spreadsheets aren’t made for looking pretty, but for working (calculating) correctly. Default alignment may save hours when needing to debug formulas.

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Point taken thanks.