Templates for Calc - new sheet

I have a template for a new document. What I need is a template for a new sheet within the document, currently I get the default.

How do I do this?

Thank you


not at all - there is no such template functionality for additional sheets. Additional sheets (Using Sheet -> Insert Sheet..) are based on the settings of the calc template applied on creating the current calc document. The only thing you could do is to use Sheet -> Insert Sheet from File and select a file that contains a sheet which is configured the desired way.

Hope that helps.

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Hello @Lizat, in a new file create the desired spreadsheet templates, and save this file.

When you need to include the default template, from the Sheet / Insert File Sheet … menu (1),

image description

select File / Open (2),

choose the desired Sheet, OK (3),

image description

the sheet is added to your file (4).

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