Insertion of special characters using hex values on LibreOffice

I just updated to Ubuntu 21.10. I have LibreOffice installed on my Ubuntu. I need use of SPECIAL CHARACTERS in my work. So,I used Key pairs I used lots of HEXVALUES. I had no problem while Ubuntu 21.04. Before

ctrl/shift +U HEXVALUE used to work.

The above link also could not give me relief.

Unfortunately, Now it does not work.

here works «while holding ctrl+shift type uhexdigits, release ctrl+shift» that works also here in the reply-input-frame: ctrl+shift uab → « , ctrl+shift ua9 → ©
with Debian10

@karolus Would you provide me the font you are using for displaying
ctrl+shift uab → « , ctrl+shift ua9 → ©

It is not working for me.

it works almost indepedent of some font, as I have said, it works on OS-level for every program.
maybe you need to play with the keyboard-settings.

Fwiw, LO 7.2.3 in Fedora F35 Shift+Ctrl+U hexdigits still works for me, an underlined u and hexdigits is displayed, character is inserted after hitting space. Same as in GNOME Terminal, check if that still works for you there, probably neither.
You could use the LO internal way, type U+hexdigits (e.g. U+A123) and hit Alt+X.

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