Installing new fonts in libreoffice (ttf) does not work, no font visible

I installed a new font, HelveticaNeueMediumCond (exactly: HelveticaMedCd.ttf), that worked in the Apple Mac’s font collection; The font can also be used in Word. The font doesn’t appear anywhere in LibreOffice.
How do I bring the font - which is in the system - into LibreOffice?
Mac OS Ventura 13.5.2

Thanks for suggestions for solutions


Edit your question to mention OS name and LO version.

As you rightfully remark, fonts are installed by and into the OS. LO only reports what it finds there. But since the menu is cached, you need to quit LO and reopen it for the last changes to be visible (if you installed fonts while LO was open).

Thank you for your remarks. I added the versions.
To close and reopen LibreOffice does not help, the font isn’t still in LibreOffice listed.

Several formats can be stored in a .ttf file. “Recent” font renderers used by LO no longer support Type 1 fonts. I don’t know if this is the case under MacOS, but check the font format to make sure.

What is the font file origin? Internet? If so, which download site?

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OP reported font origin in a separate topic instead of here.

I downloaded the font. It is © Adobe 1990 with last modification date 2000. It is then likely it is a type 1 font. To confirm this suspicion, I installed the font on my Linux box and it showed up in Writer. My assumption is wrong. The font is encoded in a currently supported format.

@lost_open is encouraged to check his/her installation procedure.

I installed it several times. In other applications such as Word it works fine as well as it is placed in the keychain.
I have no idea how to make it work.

It might be worth checking to see if there is a Type 1 font of the same name installed. If there is, remove it and the ttf font should become available.

I would avoid such ancient fonts where possible. There is a good selection of freely available fonts at Google Fonts, choose a family with several variations that can be installed. If there is a choice, always install the static font as LibreOffice has limited support for variable fonts.

Roboto might be a suitable font

You can check the font in apples keychain. The font was checked and the system said “no problem, one can use this font”.
So I am still wondering why it does not work in LO. The font is only one time installed.

Yes, the operating system still supports deprecated Type 1 fonts but they are not supported in many Adobe programs any longer.

You can check to see if you have Type 1 fonts by following the steps halfway down this page Adobe is retiring Type 1 font support, here's how to prepare for the change | AppleInsider

Note that the found Type 1 font shown in the image has a ttf extension

Great! Thank you for your precise solution, the article helps to find out of trouble.