Internal error code 2329, 32 C:\Config.msi 2e01er.rbf

Ever time I try and either uninstall LibreOffice 5.03 or try and do an in-place upgrade to %.1, I get the error "internal error code 2329, 32 C:\Config.msi 2e01er.rbf I have tried turning off my anti-virus, rebooting, repairing the old install, the command prompt, using a third-party uninstaller, to no avail. Please help me resolve this problem, so I can get the new version working.


I’ve never before come across your specific error, but it looks very much like the classic problem with attempts to uninstall LO under UAC Windows (Vista & later), caused essentially because LO does not use an effective install wizard. The fix is very straightforward:

  1. Download the MSI file for your current install
    (it can be downloaded from this FTP site)
  2. Once fully downloaded, right-click on the MSI file
  3. Choose ‘Uninstall’
  4. Let it go to completion, reboot, and now you can install the new version.