Internal errors on installation on 64-bit system

I am running LibreOffice successfully on my Windows 8 Pro 64-bit system. I have tried to install version 4.1.2_x86 but keep getting Internal errors 2502 and 2503. What does this mean? I have downloaded the package twice to eliminate possible corrupted files. Thanks.

Turning off anti-virus did not work in this instance. I did find a solution at this link:

Basically it was to start Command Prompt as Administrator, then install your package. Worked for me.

Pat. M

If you are using some kind of anti-virus or any other anti-software, then try to disable it before installing LibreOffice. It may interfere with installation process. If this does not helps, then try searching the “MSI 2502” or “MSI 2503” in browser search window.