Is It Possible To Change Intro Logo?

When LibreOffice first opens, there’s that grey background with the green square with the 5 in it - is it possible to change this to have a picture of my choice and if so, how?

If not, it’d be a great feature for the future.

There are zillions of unresolved bugs, and even a few sensible feature requests. There are few developers.

@Lupp: I heard LO scored literally ton of devs at some point, so it can’t be ‘few devs’ anymore.

Close but not the cigar I was after. That png file is the image the quickly loads when LibreOffice loads.

I’m wondering about the image that shows when LibreOffice give you menu options.

This is the screen:

I’d like to be able to put an image in the entire gray area if possible.

I cannot find the folder sfx2/res - what is it’s exact location?

The main folders where I installed LibreOffice are help, presets, program, readmes and share.

Anyone know where this folder is supposed to be?

The image is the file intro.png in the program folder of your LibreOffice installation. You can change it, but it has to be “png” format and the file name has to be “intro.png”.

The dark gray area of the thumbnails and the left light gray area are only colors. You cannot put an image there. But you can change the color. Goto Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced > Open Expert Configuration and search for “startcenter”.

The picture on the left side is in the icon-theme Galaxy in folder sfx2/res, the image “startcenter-logo-png”.