Is it possible to place toolbars on the menu bar?

I’ve been experimenting with custom toolbars in order to somehow feel less embarrassed with LibreOffice’s UI (Unfortunate Interface) by taking a minimalist approach. At the very least, I’m trying to achieve more vertical space due to my netbook’s aspect ratio.

I’d like to know if there is any way to put a toolbar on the same line as the menu bar. I tried to tinker with the UI of my Writer, but nothing allowed me to do more than edit the entries under each menu.

Unfortunately we can’t put on a same line the menu bar and the toolbar. Maybe you can try to minimize the icons on the toolbar by setting more keyboard shortcuts. This is exactly what I do in my laptop to save space.

Oh, that’s a bummer. I would have really liked to put some really important icons on the same line. Actually, I’m practically a keyboard power user and have taken out a lot of the “novice”-targetted icons. I left only the ones that tell me the state of the document (meaning I even took “save” out.)

I suggest that you place them vertically to each side of the document window. Just drag the toolbar by clicking on the vertical 5 dots (at the left edge of each toolbar) and holding.

When you move to the left or right edge of the window you will see an empty rectangle that shows where the toolbar will be located. Release the mouse button.

I have to do this for each “application” (Writer, Calc, etc)

It takes a little to get used to but it is perfect for 10" netbook screens :slight_smile: