Is it possible to work out values from a fund?

calculateanddeduct.xlsx (11.5 KB)

I work in a machine based casino, we’ve been having problems with our cash(out) machine and may have to go back to manually paying customers, I created a spreadsheet for past circumstances but it requires a bit of user input and some errors were made by staff.

I was wondering if it was possible to have a formula that calculates how much of each denomination to give but also deducts those amounts from a set value?
If not enough of one denomination is available, use other values.

For example:
Owed 250, give 240 in 20s, 10 in 10s.
Deduct these from the float value amounts that is set by the user

I’ve attached a spreadsheet which I hope makes a little more sense.

I still can’t figure it out, please help

Hi, try the attached file, the remaining currency is calculated in three columns next to it so as to have the available currency for each operation, if we exceed the available currency the cell turns red.

calculateanddeduct.ods (17.6 KB)

This is it, this is fantastic, thank you!

Though those formulas just took my head for a spin, I better get back to learning advanced Excel. :sweat_smile:

Thank you mate, I appreciate it, this is gonna make work life easier when the situation happens again!

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