Is LibreOffice equation numbering incompatible with Word?

I have a docx document generated by Word that I was reading in Writer and the automatically-generated equation numbers appeared as peculiar fields, not as numbers. Is there a way to get the equation numbers to appear properly? temp.docx

Note that the attached docx was cut down from the original document. The original document is a non-public unpublished standards document so I couldn’t attach the entire document.

I am unable to recreate your issue.

Do you have a sample document with the problem which you can attach to your question? Edit your question (do not add an answer) and use the paperclip tool above the edit pane to upload an attachment.

Please edit your question to describe how Word numbers the equations: is this a dedicated counter? a field inserting some variable? …?

It looks to me that the .docx format is not understood by the import filter. The equation numbers are taken from a “number range”, i.e. a dedicated counter with name MTEqn.

But, there are always two fields to number the equations. The first gets “1” and “2” from the counter. Since there is no space between them, you read “12”. The same for the subsequent formulas seen as “34”, “56” and “78”.

What I don’t understand is the extra field displaying \* MERGEFORMAT (). Apparently, it is the place holder for a bookmark definition which is correctly captured as shown in the Navigator (F5).

The references to the equation numbers goes through the bookmark references which are defined over the second equation number in the pair.

I could fix the numbering problem by deleting the first number in the duplicate pair. If you delete the second, the bookmark fails.

I could not delete the \* MERGEFORMAT () fields. They are write-protected in a tough way.

If your goal is only to proof-read the document in Writer, you can ignore the docxODF conversion errors, just paying attention that you should read only half the number displayed near each equation.
But if you intend to review and edit the document, you should then renumber the equations with Writer fields (or better automatic caption which do not need bookmarks to be referenced) and saved the file in *.odt. to avoid subsequent conversion issues. I cannot guarantee that the final save in .docx (to send outside) will be exempt of conversion errors in its turn.

PS: the sample page is badly formatted with almost only Default Style being applied and spacing equations with tabs instead of a dedicated paragraph style or frame (with frame style). I assume also that indices and exponents in variables are made with direct formatting since Word has no notion of character style.

You also inserted double-spaces after full-stops (formatting usage common in the US) but you are not consistent because you have sometimes three spaces. I know this hurts some people, but it would be better to type only one space and let Writer do its standard justification.

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