Is there a simple way to have page numbers start at 1 after the title page?

Is there a way to make my page numbers after the title page begin on 1 in writer rather than 2 that isn’t similar to programming a satellite to orbit the sun? I am extremely frustrated, and have tried to modify the default style, invent my own style, insert page breaks, etc. Please help!

OP: @short-americano

When you insert a page break you can choose whatever style you want (default for instance) and tick “change page number” and reset it to the desired first page. See example file.odt.
In order to get rid of the number on the first page you

a) either have to mark the first page as title page or

b) have to define another page style.

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You can also set the page break + page numbering by editing the paragraph properties of the first paragraph on the second page (Format > Paragraph… > Text Flow tab > Breaks section). This could also be done using a paragraph style unique to the first paragraph.

You are probably the users that is/was using Microsoft Office. LibreOffice has as page styles which is way more advance that MS-Office has with page brakes.

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