Is there a way of adding the same object to each new bullet point?

Or if there is any other smart way of getting the same result. To clarify, I want the same table to appear after each new item in the bullet list.

image description

EDIT: The images before the text are normal bullets with style added to them and the gray tables are outside objects.

I also tried using “alt codes”, but they seem slightly off.

Untitled 1.odg

Please, edit (don’t use an answer) your question to clarify your requirement: is the “object” part of bullet numbering or is it the “content” of the list item?

In other words, in your screenshot, the icon+“Bullet n” looks like it is the list item numbering. I suppose the set gray boxes is your object. Have inserted it as the “text” for the item?

For best advice, attach to your question (you can’t do that in a comment) a sample file corresponding to the above screenshot.

I don’t think it is possible automatically.

My workaround would be to create an individual bulleted text item and aside the table. Align them the way you like. Then select both and Shape>Group>Group.

Whenever you need a new item, copy and paste the group. Position the new copy where it belongs. Double click on item text to select and change it.

This has the advantage to maintain alignment between bulleted item and table. This is not the case in your screenshot. Font line height is not the same as the distance where you drew the tables.

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