Is there a way to install the Wiki Publisher extension in the latest LibreOffice versions for Mac?

As I learned here, the media wiki publisher was removed from recent LibreOffice builds because, by default, Java isn’t available on Mac. I have Java installed and I need to use this functionality. Is there a way I can manually install the media wiki publisher? I don’t see it listed as an extension.

I can’t locate any separate bundling of the Wiki Publisher extension. As a workaround perhaps try downloading v4.1.2.3 for MacOS x86 from the download archive and extract and copy it to this location in a more recent install. This appears to be the last version that included this extension (for reasons explained in the linked thread).

Things to note:

  • Linked version is for x86 architecture and so will likely only be compatible with a more recent download for the same architecture (not x86_64). If you already have a x86_64 version installed, it will be necessary to first uninstall this and download a more recent x86 version e.g., v4.3.2.2.
  • Do this as a test. There have been numerous patches to this extension since October 2013. It may not work at all with a more recent base version.