Is there a way to reveal multiple images one by one in a slide?

I can reveal text bullets one my one with animation “on click”. I haven’t found a way to put an image on the slide under the text bullets, delaying the image reveal until I’m past the text. More than that what I really want is to be able to do is have more than one image that can be revealed successively with clicks (images that don’t overlap each other or the text). Doesn’t matter if I import the image, or use the native drawing tools, no luck on graphic reveal.

Is any of this possible?

Update: As suggested the way to do this is by duplicating the slide, adding an additional image and using a transition. I’m disappointed there is not one reveal mechanism for both text bullets and images, especially if the reveals are a mixture of both, but I guess multiple slides is whats available.

Hello @kmand

Why don’t you duplicate the slide and create an interaction with the first one, asking to display the second one on a click basis ?

Keeping every details of the first slide identical in the second slide but the image you want to change, the click will simulate the sole replacement of the image. To create an interaction, right click on the image, select Interaction and then select the desired Action at mouse click, like Go to next slide. Note that this behaviour is also defined as a Slide Transition which default is Advance Slide>On mouse click. So, in fact, you do not need to define any Interaction if this default behaviour satisfies your need. You will have to define Interaction if you disable the default Slide Transitionthat applies to All slides, in order to be more specific.

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In order to illustrate LeroyG proposal, see this example, on 2nd diapo.

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At least in LibreOffice 7 this has become possible.

When animating a bulleted list, each paragraph get an entry in the Animation dialog. You can move other objects such as images in between these text items (drag the animation up or down in the “Animations” dialog, or use the “Move up/Move down” buttons). Thus, you can have text appear, and then have an image appear after one of the bullets has appeared.

Eventually, images could overlap because you can have images hide on next animation. However, editing a slide where multiple images overlap may become difficult. In that case, I would work around with duplicate slides instead.

Not working in LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

@Vanadium, Can you share a sample file? What version of LibreOffice are you using? Thanks.

May be a new feature in LO 7 indeed. Bullet items can be independently moved in between the other animations.

@Vanadium, I was using the wrong approach. So it is possible with version I am editing my answer accordingly.

EDIT: You must assign the animation to the paragraphs, selecting them one by one, while editing the Text Box.

image description

Separating each bulleted item in a new text box could solve de issue. Then in menu View - Animation it could be set start event and order of entrance for each element (text and image).

Menu Format - Align and menu Format - Distribution… could help to arrange the items.

I can’t find a way to insert images between bulleted text in one text box.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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