Is there any way to disable saving thumbnails in odt/ods

Some time ago LibreOffice changed thumbnail quality and now they are ~80-90% of my spreadsheets size. I searched in options but there is nothing to disable saving them. I didn’t search in expert configuration, because there is no search function there…I wonder why someone didn’t thought of adding search like in firefox about:config

Bug 61320 - FILESAVE, PREFERENCES: Allow user to choose whether to create thumbnails


libreoffice/core/commit · fdo61320: Allow user to choose whether to create thumbnails inside odf.

Tools → Options… → LibreOffice → Advanced → Expert Configuration:

(double click toggles value to false)

See also: Bug 73806 - Expert Configuration button opens huge and not resizable table


Thanks, great answer. Too bad it’s in nightly build, guess I have to wait :slight_smile:

That enhancement will be available in LibreOffice 4.3.0.
I have tested it successfully with LibreOffice 4.3.0 RC2.

That’s great news :slight_smile: Thank you

I can confirm that it is available in 4.3.0 and it works :slight_smile: