Is this bug? broken table content in pdf/printing when enumeration is enabled

I have got strange issue in Writer related with table & enumeration enabled. When enumeration is enabled in table the document seems fine (in print previev is fine too).
But when document is printed or converted to pdf it looks broken- there is some additional unnecessary enumeration. So i’m wondering is this bug? (becasue is not “what you see is what you get”)
I found workaround: i just disabled enumeration and it helps.

Here the problematic document and generated pdf:

wykaz zmian budynku 25 A.odt (23.8 KB)
wykaz zmian budynku 25 A.pdf (41.1 KB)

Yes this is a bug. Despite being a manifestation of an awful formatting of the document (e.g., cells have manual negative indentation, artificially shifting numbering of each (!) cell in first two/three columns outside of the view), the end result of export is wrong.


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In addition to @mikekaganski ,

86077 HB wykaz zmian budynku 25 A.pdf (100,9 KB)
86077 HB wykaz zmian budynku 25 A.odt (41,4 KB)

I only touched up what was necessary.
However, it is not a clean solution.
The document is really a formatting hell.