Items in tables replaced by "0"

I have spent some time entering data into a table and sadly many of the items are replaced by “0”. any idea why?

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Same issue as question #228437

Agreed my question is too brief and without enough info.It was my frustration at having entered all this data to have lost it. I switched to Apache Openoffice which handled the table fine.Many thanks for your help.

See tdf#131025.

Not much information in your question, so using my crystal ball.

  • You may have Table>Number Recognition turned on, but this is not sufficient.
  • Check the cell formatting: with cursor un cell, Table>Number Format. If it is set to something other than Text, it may cause this “0” display for non-numbers.

As said, without details from your part, that’s all I think of. If you want more adequate help, edit your question (answers are reserved for solutions) to describe how you created the table, how you filled it (what kind of data) and provide LO version and OS name. Also, formatting is guaranteed to be kept if your document is saved native .odt. Any other format creates conversion issues, notably .doc(x).

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