Japanese quotation marks formatted inconsistently

My often-occurring difficulty involves using Japanese quotation marks and Japanese parentheses in libreoffice:

「」or『』or ()

When formatting the document horizontally, there is no problem (yellow marks the correctly formatted marks):

However, when formatted vertically (Page style, text direction “right to left vertical”), sometimes the marks appear correctly, but in the same document in a different paragraph the exact same marks appear inverted (as if it were a vertical orientation). Copy-pasting the correct over the incorrect does not solve the problem.

The yellow highlighted marks are correct, the red ones are incorrect.

Periods and commas:
also sometimes appear to the right (correct), sometimes to the left (incorrect). Also impossible to fix with copy-paste.

Very strange. And as most Japanese texts use vertical orientation and this punctuation is pretty vital, it makes libreoffice very difficult to rely on.
I have searched but have not found any answers to this particular question yet. It is possible that libreoffice doesn’t have many Japanese users. This might be one of the reasons why. I am otherwise very happy with your product, and am sure that it will continue to improve.

This is the document itself (without the highlighting):

example.odt (25.2 KB)

I currently am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and libreoffice

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

Everything is correct here with

But you have not enabled Asian text management. You do so in Tools>Options, Language Settings>Languages where you tick Asian: and select Japanese from the drop-down menu.

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That did the trick! How foolish of me. Thanks a million!